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10 Classic Movies To Help Singles Get Through This Lonely Christmas

Feeling lonely this Christmas? Don't be! There's always friends and family that you can spend this Christmas with, together with these 10 classic movies so you won't have a lonely Christmas.

1. Moana

Moana movie 1519749265

Her parents have been stopping her from going near the ocean since she was born, but Moana answers to her calling - to save her people and homeland. And so she braves across the stormy ocean while building her courage and a valuable friendship with Maui.

2. 13 Going On 30

Gallery 1477066720 senales de que estas haciendo las cosas bien 5

It must have been most kids’ dream to grow up as fast as possible. But hey, you might want to slow things down a little bit before reality kicks in when you’re an adult. Because by then, every decision you make may affect you in so many ways that you’d never think of.

3. The Proposal

The proposal 300x209

Never thought you would fall in love with your tiger boss? A short, assumed getaway from the city made two colleagues fall in love with each other in this romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

4. The Hot Chick


Movies in which soul-switching happens may be common, but this one’s hysterical! Be amused by Rob Schneider’s acting in this movie because it will definitely get you laughing till your tummy hurts!

5. 500 Days Of Summer

Tumblr m111t3iwmp1rq9kyeo1 500

One word - sweet! A soft and mellow story featuring two people - one who believes in true love, and one who doesn’t. What happens when both people who have feelings for each other cross paths? It’s for you to find out this Christmas if you haven’t already known.

6. La La Land

Lalaland2 slider

A true gem. Romantic and realistic, La La Land captures the hearts of average people like us who are just trying to chase our dreams and look for love at the same time. There may not be a fairytale ending to every story, but there is an amazing journey and a great ending to a life that’s well-lived.

7. White Chicks

18 CTEK 1098 ferris whiteChi DF 613x463

A mixture of comedy and crime, “hilarious” is the best word to describe this movie. Shut down your brain, enjoy your movie and have a great laugh out of it! Oh, be careful, don’t spill your popcorn!

8. The House Bunny

HouseBunny 1lg

It’s all about sisterhood when it comes to challenges faced in college. True friends stay with you through thick and thin, like how they do in the Zeta house. For a heart-warming Christmas night-in, we suggest inviting a few girlfriends and some pillows before the show begins.

9. 10 Things I Hate About You

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An old-school movie that will take you back to high school in the 1990s. Simple, sweet and uncomplicated, it’s a good watch to see how difficult it is for these guys to date their crushes.

10. Arthur Christmas

Arthur 780x405

Talking about family and the true purpose of Christmas - giving and sharing, Arthur Christmas is an animated movie that will make you laugh and cry throughout the movie.

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