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Dating in Time of Coronavirus

Dating is said to be a recession-proof industry - because despite external factors, all humans naturally desire a partner, and companionship. If anything, when things are down, this need is even more intensified.

Now, with the current Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the world - we are advised to keep it from spreading by social distancing i.e. staying home and reducing close contact between people. 

How do we reconcile between the two? Can singles still be dating in time of coronavirus?

Singles Are Still Looking to Find Love

In our dating agency Lunch Actually, we are seeing many of our members
putting their membership on hold, and 20% fewer dates happening in February

However, the number of enquiries in the month of Feb have increased
about 30% more (compared to the same month last year), and this month, it’s
also still on track to hit 20% more than Feb.

It goes to show that despite Covid-19, people are still looking to find
love, more so than ever.

How to Date More Safely

While singles shouldn’t put their dating search to a stop, here are some
tips for singles to still continue finding love safely:

  • Use trusted dating apps

a woman using dating app

Dating apps are great platforms now to still get to know new people and build connections. In fact, instead of swiping every profile, singles can spend more time reading each dating bio and deciding if they are interested to connect. Without the option to immediately ask someone out, this is the time to focus on connection and meaningful conversation. 

  • Try virtual video dates

woman doing video date

We live in an advanced era where it is getting increasingly common to “Find the One” using a more unique approach. Take for example the recent reality series, “Love is Blind” where participants date through a pod, and choose their life partner without even seeing each other before the big day! This is something singles can explore; to have a face-call/skype/zoom call with their online match (if they hit it off, they can continue and make plans to meet in real life when it’s safer to do so). Locally, many dating agencies have started offering this option as well for singles with their handpicked-matches. 

  • Focus on upgrading yourself

a woman at home

There’s a silver lining in exercising social distancing - having more time at home for yourself. Singles can take this opportunity to upgrade themselves and pursue a passion they’ve been holding off. 

  • Experiment in the kitchen - learn baking or try a new recipe
  • Learn a new language - by using app like Duolingo
  • Take online courses - Coursera, Udemy, and many other learning institutions offer courses from digital marketing, data science, machine learning, video editing, and more!
  • Read more books 
  • Listen to podcasts
  • And more

Take these safety measures if you’re meeting someone on a date

a couple on a date
young asian couple lovers sitting at table chatting talking face to face in coffee shop.

If you do still feel comfortable meeting someone on a real date, make sure you:

  • Avoid handshakes or physical contact
  • Choose a date venue that is not too
  • Do not share food and utensils
  • Bring along wet wipes or hand sanitizer
  • Wash your hands with soaps frequently
  • Always ask your date beforehand if they
    are feeling unwell or have recently traveled overseas. If they have, it’s best
    to postpone it to a later date

The Future of Dating

Untitled design 4 1024x512

When physical attraction and interaction has always been ranked high as we are looking for our life partner, this whole new way of dating may potentially change how we look at selecting a potential romantic interest.

With new innovative programs offered by dating companies such as virtual
dates and virtual speed dating, many singles have embraced this option to still
work on their dating journey. This is a great way to get to know a potential
match and establish connections before deciding to meet in real life. 

This untapped opportunity may just be what companies need to innovate
and think outside of the box, to better serve the needs of singles.

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