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Our 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Dating Coach

There are far more than just 5 reasons why you should hire a dating coach. But these are here for starters:

Wondering why you should hire a dating coach? The big wide world of dating can be incredibly overwhelming. Going alone can be dangerous. You’ll want to take these tips with you, or even better yet, hire in professional help to really take your dating game to the next level. Is it all worth it? Well here are our top 5 reasons a dating coach can be amazing:

Unbiased Advice

Friends are awesome. Everyone loves to have friends, and everyone loves to be liked. Friends are great at making you feel good about yourself and telling you how awesome you are. What are they not always good at? Giving unbiased advice. They want you to feel good so will likely try and second guess what answer you want to hear (even if it’s not the right answer) and tell you that. They step in as a neutral third-party to provide objective advice that you won't get from friends.

Plus, friends have a habit of trying to set you up with people that they know. That puts undue pressure on a fledgling relationship, especially because you don’t want to upset your friend. Dating coaches might set you up, but they’re interested in helping you find love. They Not setting up their friends!

Boost Confidence

Dating coaches are great at understanding what you’re worried about, finding the areas you lack confidence and helping you understand how to boost those levels. By the time that you decide to hire a dating coach, chances are you’re feeling down and incapable of doing this by yourself. You’re likely stuck in a rut and have been trying your same old dating techniques to no avail.

This is where the dating coach comes in to their own. They’ll break that same old mould, suggest new and exciting strategies, they might even get you to try some new activities to boost that confidence. By focusing on your positives and not your insecurities, you’ll feel better and be more successful.

Becoming a better you

No, we don’t mean getting a lift down to the plastic surgeon. You’re beautiful already. What we mean is maximizing your assets. Try a new hairstyle, get working out and try eating healthily. Beyond the looks, think about maximizing what you’re good at, what makes people like you? Enrich yourself and learn new skills? That would certainly level up your eligibility and get you better at dating.

Sounds a bit overwhelming? It sure is! That’s where a dating coach can come and help out. They’ll assess where you’re at, create a plan and then help you stick to it. That could be conversation techniques, it might be exploring your creative side more, anything you’re good at they’ll boost. As for the areas you need to improve? They’ll boost those too.

Help Understand Your Dating Needs Better

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a loop? Same old dates, same places, same type of people, talking about the same things. This is what happens when you think you know what you want but actually, you’re heading in the wrong direction. Sticking with what you know, in your comfort zone, is completely natural but you’ve evolved as a person. It’s time to break out of the zone and challenge yourself.

Easier said than done. Thankfully, a dating coach will support, boost and challenge you. They’ll work out what you really want and get you to change your outlook. Even if it’s hard work!

Help Find Self-Love

reasons you should hire a dating coach

It all has to start with you. How can you expect others to love you if you can’t love yourself? Loving yourself is the most important lesson you should always remember. Your coach will take the time to focus on number one, that’s you, before they focus on getting you dates. They might ask some questions that are uncomfortable or challenge you to a different perspective but don’t panic, that’s all part of the process.

A Coach That Matters

Think about the other aspects of your life. Chances are you’ve worked with education tutors before, business development coaches, personal trainers, they’re all coaches. So why wouldn’t you employ one for your dating life? Surely that’s just as important an area?

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