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5 Guaranteed Wins You Can Get From Personal Dating Service

How to find love? This’s the question asked by many singles. There are few ways to find love; through friends, community you join, gym class, dating apps, or try personal dating service. Personal dating service offer a more personalized, and safe option for singles to meet like-minded people. Here’s 5 Guaranteed Wins You Can Get From Personal Dating Service: 

1. Strict verification in personal dating service

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Our single survey 2021 result shows that 62% of dating apps users will meet scammers! Since most dating apps are free, anyone can simply download them and put up information that may not be true. Creating a dating profile is very simple with no verification process, thus many users may misuse the platform by pretending to be someone else and having dubious intentions. 

Unlike dating apps in which anyone can sign up and create a profile, personal dating services require verification to ensure that their members are real, and sincere in finding love. Most agencies would ask for identification, proof of education and employment, as well as other supporting documents such as divorce papers or payslip. So matches that you’ll meet through a personal dating service are verified singles! 

2. Personalized matchmaking  

A good agency will match you with someone who meets 70 to 80 percent of your dating criteria. Along with that, they possess a range of efficient and capable professionals such as dating consultants, matchmakers and dating coaches (with years of experience, intuition and expertise that can't be replicated by an application) to help you find the perfect one. Most of the work is done by the consultants, so clients can focus on their lives, and just have fun as they get to know their match better on the date.

3. Qualified matches 

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It’s certain that singles opting to find love through a personal dating service have more serious intentions, as investing in a paid dating service and willingness to go through a verification process show that they are sincere about finding their other half and at the stage where they are ready to settle down. This would mean that your chances of being led on by a date, or meeting casual daters would be much lower, and your chances of success is definitely higher!

4. Level up you dating skill with coaching 

The secret to getting attached isn’t just merely going out on dates, after dates, after dates.  It is being able to:

  • Spot the early warning signs of incompatibility or red-flags to avoid wasting time, 
  • Being able to attract ‘the one’ when we finally meet him/her, 
  • and to be confident that we have chosen the right partner. 

Going on dates is only the first step. Singles who have a dating coach, get into relationships twice as fast compared to members without a Coach. Date coach can help you to present your best-self forward during the date, dating etiquette, and  topics you can talk about during the date to ensure you'll get a second one!

5. Save your time 

Swiping and filtering tons of dating profiles on dating apps is tiring. Imagine how much time you waste! Personal dating service will go through all that for you, so that you’ll know the matches are well worthy of your time. Personal dating service values time as much as you do. So it’s only fair to help you find matches that will save you from the false excitement that you’ve subconsciously let yourself to have in the past few weeks or months. Have a little faith, and you’ll see that your decision is not going to be a wasted one.

Most personal dating service requires the potential client to meet with the dating consultants in a consultation. This is a good way for you to also assess the credibility of the agency. As you’re going into the consultation, these are some things to look out for:

  • Do they have a physical office in a convenient and conducive location?
  • The appointment and confirmation process leading up to the consultation. Do they have booking system? How professional is the process? Do they give you clear information prior your consultation?
  • During the consultation, how do the consultants present themselves? Do you feel comfortable with them? Putting yourself in the shoes of the singles that you would like to meet, would you be impressed by the consultant or the consultation?
  • Are the membership packages clearly presented on print or in a slide? Or is the consultant just scribbling down some random amounts on a piece of paper or on screen? How transparent is the pricing model?
  • Is the sales consultant potentially over-promising? Do they promise that you could meet specific clients who match closely to what you are looking for once you become a member? Or do they allude that they have A member who looks like a celebrity etc.? 

You can also ask the dating consultants direct questions about their prior experience working with other singles and the matching process in general. 

Some possible questions include:

  • What is your success rate? 
  • What is the process like? How will you match me to other singles? 
  • How many active members are there in your database? Who are they and what are their profiles like? 
  • How confident are you in matching me?
  • How many matches do you have for me right now?
  • Who will be working with me throughout my membership?
  • How many consultants does the agency have?

By finding out how knowledgeable and reassuring your consultants are, you are able to decide if they are in fact a good fit for you if you were to start your dating journey! 

Those are the 5 Guaranteed Wins You Can Get From Personal Dating Service! If you’re looking for the best personal dating service, click the banner below!

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