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9 Myths of Dating A Crazy Rich Asian

9 Myths and Misconceptions of Dating a Crazy Rich Asian

Dating a Crazy Rich Asian isn't the Experience You'd Expect

So, you’ve seen Crazy Rich Asians and you wonder if you’ve got what it takes to date one. You feel that ‘if Rachel Chu can do it, I can too!’ and you go out headhunting rich men (or women, depending on your preference). But it’s easy to think that rich people are related to lots of drama and whatnot, and you’re a little paranoid that you’ll have to go through that too (as if your life hasn’t had enough of drama already).

Hmmm… but what if we told you that some of those thoughts you have about rich people are only misconceptions? Read on with an open mind and you’ll know what I mean:

1. They are very snobbish.

Of course they are. And they have all the reasons to be one. But have you ever realized that maybe some of them are just confident and has a higher self-esteem? Wouldn’t that be unfair to judge them that way before even talking to them? Then again, there are some really filthy rich people out there who are equally humble too.

2. They only hang out with rich people.

myths of dating a crazy rich asian

Not true. There are some of the richest millionaires out there who would still have average people like you and me in their social circle. The K-drama you watched with the same love concept (rich guy, poor girl) is possible too, so why would you be worried if they wouldn’t hang out with you?

3. Splurging is their middle name.

They might do it for the sake of maintaining the reputation within their social circle. For all you know, they just enjoy living with a lavish lifestyle so that they can provide that environment for you in the future as well (living with no worries, isn’t that everyone’s dream?)

4. Their family is just crazy.

In all honesty, all families have their fair share of craziness. Even the happiest of families could have their problems too, though this could be amplified in a richer person’s household.

5. Rich people are players.

Not exactly. If you were to cross paths with someone like Tiger Woods, then you would have to worry. Otherwise, do have a little faith that most men aren’t like that. They might not be players, but they play their cards right to give you access to important people who may be of help in your career. You’ll never know!

6. They won’t love you like they love their money.

The wealthy women may love their Louboutins, but that doesn’t mean they do not believe in finding true love and The One. Perhaps all you need to do is just to shower them with love and respect and you’d probably be blessed twofold. After all, everyone needs some kinda love.

7. They are more stubborn.

dating a crazy rich asian man

…more like they are more capable of making informed decisions. The way he is so fixated about something could be sexy as hell, because he’s definitely more experienced when it comes to difficult decision making.

8. Missed dates are common.

This could be very understandable for those who are working long hours due to their busy schedules. But they’re not all like that! If it gets to a point where he/she misses all the most important dates then it’s a sign to watch out for, otherwise, be considerate and understand that they probably don’t mean it.

9. They can get very stingy.

myths of dating crazy rich asians

Maybe some of the wealthy men are very stingy to their other half, but only with reasoning. Perhaps she’s been throwing the money around every handbag she sees. But in other circumstances, they may actually be very willing to gift their partner anything she desires because what better way to spend it than to spend it on someone you love?

Well, we do hope this has helped clear some very common doubts and misconceptions of dating rich people. But if the article’s just barely helping, scratch all the worries!

As long you're happy dating a Crazy Rich Asian, what else could you ask for?

We can't promise you Nick Young, but what we can guarantee is, you can definitely meet someone as eligible and attractive through Lunch Actually! Importantly, their characters and values will be what you're looking for. And if they're crazy rich, that's just a bonus! Talk to us here and we're excited to meet you!

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