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Modern Dating Challenges

You have tried different ways to meet new people, including dating apps, but the process makes you feel increasingly jaded and hopeless. The people you meet are just not who you are looking for. As time passes, you begin to wonder:

If everyone nowadays is simply looking for hookups and casual dates.

If you are really too picky or have unrealistic expectations because you friends have been saying so...

If there is anything wrong with you as you find it hard to get past the chatting stage onto anything real.

If you would actually ever find the right one in this lifetime.

You have dedicated your life to achieve financial success, to climb the corporate ladder, to build your business, to make a mark. The only missing piece right now is someone to share your life with - someone to laugh with, someone to cherish, someone to grow old with.

Because You've Earned It

Young Professionals

Young vibrant graduate professionals that are busy creating a bright future and need help finding someone to share it with.

Professionals, managers & executives

High ranking professionals who have made a mark in their fields and are thinking to settle down.

Start-up & Business owners

Busy business venturers that are looking to start-up their personal life as successful as their business.


Successful CEOs that have established their reputation looking for a life partner to share a beautiful life.


People from colourful cultures and background searching for a soulmate to share the joy and happiness in life.


Foreigners that have been calling Malaysia a second home and in search for a partner to bring essence to that word, HOME.

Our Clients

Love Stories

Be inspired through these stories of our successful couples

- Cindy & Mengwei (Married)

We met each other on a dinner date. After a few dates, we knew we were made for each other and we have never looked back since. The process is easy and comprehensive!

- May & Jack (Married)

When Lunch Actually contacted me, I was convinced about Jack's personality from his profile. We had a good time sharing, exchanging background and life experiences.

I've found it hard to make initiatives with a guy that I'm interested in. My coach taught me different activities I can do with the guy to find out if we're compatible.

- Farah (Getting Married)

Out With The Old, In With The New

Through our interactions with more than a million singles, our experience of arranging more than 100,000 first dates and our success in bringing together thousands of couples and marriages, we have developed Dating Success Program - a proven and effective dating system to help discerning singles find relationship success.

How The Dating Success Program Works

Step 2

Our Dating Consultant will create your personalised Dating Success Program that will maximise your chances for relationship success.

Step 3

Embark on your Dating Journey! See amazing results as we help you work towards achieving your dating goals and finding the love of your life.

Step 1

Meet our experienced Dating Consultant who will find out your dating goals and relationship objectives.

Since 2004, Lunch Actually has helped thousands of singles just like you discover themselves, find love and be in fulfilling and happy relationships.

Meet Our Founders - Violet Lim & Jamie Lee

Jamie and Violet met when they were both studying in Manchester and fell in love over a lunch date! They are happily married and have 2 children.

Violet read Law and earned her Masters in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. She started her career at Citigroup Singapore before starting Lunch Actually at the age of 24. She was inspired to enter the dating and relationships industry after observing many of her colleagues and her friends were single and not dating as they were “married” to their jobs. Jamie studied Economics (Accounting and Finance) and he was working in Deutsche Bank as an IT Analyst before he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. Jamie is a strategy board game enthusiast who is passionate about strategy, technology and systems.

In the media

Strongest Regional Brand with over 3500 Media Appearance & Reviews in Top Magazines, Newspapers, Television, Online Media and Radio.

Your journey to finding the love of your life begins here.

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