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Create Immediate Chemistry

It's not random. Each of us has a powerful role to play in whether chemistry happens or not. We'll show you the important elements for creating instant chemistry.

Attract & Date High Value Singles You Actually Desire!

What is Elite Dating Program?

Tired of being friendzoned or wondering why the person you like, always end up chasing after someone else? Find out the secrets of attracting high-value singles and never getting overlooked again, online and offline.

Exclusive Science-Based Program Formulated After Studies of Over 150,000 First Dates!

Build Your Strong Visual Brand & Beat Out Competition

Learn the secrets of being a head-turner to create powerful 1st impression and stand out from the crowd! Our Coach will guide you through finding your best personal style that is congruent with your personality.

Discover EverythingYou Need to Knowabout Men & Women

The phrase: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is right. Men and women have different attraction markers and they communicate differently. Knowing these facts is crucial as you're embarking on your journey to find love. 

Take Back Control of Your Life After a Painful Breakup 

Learn Everything About Online Dating & Winning on Dating Apps

Get the tips and tricks of crafting an authentic bio, the right way to chat to keep the conversation going with the people that you’re interested in, successfully asking them out for a real date, and identifying non-compatible matches early on!

If you find it hard to get over your ex, or move on from past rejections and failed relationships, our Coach can help you with the right tools to bounce back and learn to trust, and love again.

What is a Relationship Coaching Program?

Customized Coaching Programs to Establish a Deeper Connection for a Happier and Stronger Relationship! 


Improve Communication Skills That Make Your Significant Other Feel Special

Healthy communication is the foundation in a good relationship, including how to deal with conflicts and disagreements.

Fulfill Each Other’s Emotional and Physical Intimacy

Learn about the 5 levels of intimacy and understand what you and your partner’s intimacy needs are, in order to keep them fulfilled.

Align Your Shared Value

Are you and your partner working towards the same shared value and life goals? Find out positive and healthy ways to manage differences in values - so you can continue supporting each other’s goals and dreams.

What You Can Expect from

The Complimentary Coaching Call

60-min Video Assessment Call

The coach will find out more about your dating challenges and relationship goals and give you practical tips that you can use straight away!

Build a Step-by-Step Plan

Our Coach will build the tailor-made program for you to achieve your desired results.

Analyse Your Bottleneck

Discover what is holding you back from getting and sustaining the relationship that you deserve. 

Meet Your Coaches

Who Have Brought Together Hundreds of Happily-Married Couples

Angela Weaver

Assistant Head Coach

ICF Certified Coach

Certified Master Performance Coach. Over the past 7 years, Angela has helped many singles get into happy relationships by identifying their dating obstacles and guiding them to overcome them to achieve their relationship goals.

Rene Low

Dating & Relationship Coach

Having completed her Honors B.A. in Psychology and with experience working in a psychiatric clinic providing aid for those with mental health challenges. Rene's result oriented coaching approach has helped singles to achieve healthy relationships by attracting, meeting and choosing the right partners.

Katheryn Fock

Personal Branding Expert

Certified Image Consultant who has worked with singles since 2013, helping them create their own style and dating confidence.

Melinda Chong

Personal Branding Expert

Certified Image Consultant who has helped singles identify their unique style & image that is applicable in all types of occasions.

Nuch Supanuch

Date Coach

Seeing singles and couples having a great relationship is her goal as a date coach. Nuch walks alongside her clients to create practical and effective action plans for them to achieve their dating and relationship goals. 

Pin Prasai

Date Coach

Pin is the expert when it comes to helping her clients learn effective communication techniques with their dates and significant other for a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Suki Chin

Date Coach

As a passionate and experienced coach, Suki loves helping singles overcome dating challenges as well as pave the way for their future success in relationships.

Simon Tam

Date Coach

International Certified Trainer with over 10 years’ experience. Expertise in psychology and brain development. Handling more than 100 cases within a year. Assisting seeker to figure out their willingness and providing guidance to achieve their goals. Advising with foreseeable possibilities and practical techniques for well equipped on their every dates.

Our Success Stories

Be Inspired by These Testimonials from Our Clients

"Overcame My First Date Fears!"

I used to go on many first dates without success. I didn't know how to dress and act during the date.

My coach taught me how to be

more sociable and engaging and

now I'm happily married! 

Jack and Joanne

"Successfully Got Out of The Friendzone!"

I was active in dating but did not know how to flirt and always ended up getting friendzoned. Since working with my coach, she helped me identify the type of men that is compatible with me, and from there,

I learned different flirting strategies!


"Flirting Techniques for Introverts!"

I've been single for over a year. I was passive and had low confidence, especially with the men I was interested in. My coach taught me how to better express myself and flirt through roleplaying. I feel more confident and now I'm attached!


Why Get a Coach

Accelerate Your Dating & Relationship Success

Why do it alone when you can have 1-1 support from a professional coach to help you achieve your dating and relationship goal faster?

9 Years of Proven Success

All the techniques and skills in this program have been carefully formulated based on science and facts from over 150,000 first dates, singles and couples behaviors, surveys, and academic papers.

Give You An Objective and Results-Driven Plan

Our Coaches work alongside you to identify your blindspots and create a personalized program to achieve and be better to achieve the relationship

that you desire!

Level Up Your Dating and Relationship Game!

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