Giving up on finding LOVE is never the answer

Having a partner is like having a big ‘living teddy bear’ that you can cuddle with, has a shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling sad, a good listener that lends an ear when you vent, nag or share your frustrations with, a perfect travel buddy that always keeps u warm and keeps a smile on your face.


Her Journey with Lunch Actually

I always tell my clients to keep an open mindset, to stay positive, friendly and cheerful while finding the ‘Right One’. I have met many successful couples who embody these qualities.

I was once inspired by a client, who was then single, who perfectly embraces a ‘Never Give Up’ spirit. After going through many dates, he finally found the ‘Right One’ – who does not fail to put a smile on his face, keeps him warm, lends an ear or a shoulder to lean on, and someone to cuddle with.

Giving up on finding LOVE is never the answer. #IMakeLoveHappen



More About Pauline:

A client’s confidant for over 7 Years | A witness to more than 2,500 client’s ups and downs of their personal lives | An experienced Dating Advisor, a Matchmaker


Lunch Actually Reviews by Clients to Pauline*

“I came up to Lunch Actually with a broken heart – after that ‘parting ways’ experience with my former boyfriend. Lamenting on the reason of our breakup, both of us had diverse directions and wanted different things in major aspects of our lives. My best friend then recommended me to try out the dating service of Lunch Actually, where the Dating Consultants match interests and other criteria for curated members. I joined Lunch Actually with the hope of finding a partner with common interests and values.

Thanks to Pauline. I am happy to meet someone who has similar hobbies as mine like playing badminton and jogging. Most importantly, we share late working hours! I’m in auditing and he’s in advertising. It is very difficult to meet a lifetime partner in our works’ nature. We have been together for almost a year now, and we are very comfortable in each other’s company. Therefore, I recommend Lunch Actually to professional single men and women to find the most suitable partner in their lives.”


Pauline, a Senior Dating Consultant at Lunch Actually Malaysia, has played a meaningful part in Lunch Actually’s successful marriages, a dating company with over 90,000 dates arranged across 6 cities in Southeast Asia with 85% client satisfaction rate.

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*Disclaimer: For our clients’ privacy, names were not disclosed. All testimonials shown above are based on recorded client messages sent to our Dating Consultants.

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