What 500 singles think about THOSE CNY questions may surprise you…

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Chinese New Year (CNY) is a time of joy, but it can also be a time of anxiety for singles!

In the days leading up to CNY, many singles can already be heard complaining about these personal questions from their relatives. Questions can range from “when are you bringing a partner home?” to “how long do you still want to get ang paos from me?”; ouch!

Knowing how singles feel about the season, the Lunch Actually Group ran a survey to find out EXACTLY what our clients feel about these questions. With 500 answers from Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the answers may surprise you. They certainly surprised us!

Both male and female singles responded to our survey. This is a definitely widely-acknowledged trend that happens during CNY, regardless of gender! In terms of age, singles who took this survey were mostly in their 30s, with the majority being in their early 30s (33% of them, in fact!).


An overwhelming 86% said they were single and have never married before. It seems that relatives would not ask the same love-related questions of those who were divorced or widowed.

There’s definitely truth to the belief that singles dread the CNY questions. A whole 64% of our survey-takers said they either felt nothing or were apprehensive of CNY coming. Then, there were also a good 9% that said they disliked or were even scared of CNY approaching. Oh dear.

83% of those surveyed said they got these love-related questions often or at least from time to time. However, a whopping 64% also admitted that these love-related questions actually lasted less than 10 minutes during last year’s CNY celebrations!

While 10 minutes may not seem like a long time, it appears that what singles just dread is receiving these questions at all. 10 minutes may have seemed like hours to them! Then, there were these 24 people who were well within their rights to really dread the CNY questions.

CNY_Survey_Result - Copy

In a shocking admittance, 24 people said the love-related questions and statements they received lasted longer than 2 hours during CNY in 2016. One can only wonder what kind of lecture they had about their love lives. More intriguingly still are the people on the giving end. You have to admire people who have the passion to keep going on about someone else’s love life for 2 hours and more.

According to the singles surveyed, the ones most interested in their love lives were usually their aunts and uncles (45%). Perhaps it was an overenthusiastic aunt that cornered the 24 people mentioned above?

Friends trailed at distant second (20%) in terms of asking singles about their love lives . Despite feeling like they get these questions often, in true Asian fashion, most singles said they usually responded politely or in a friendly manner to these queries (66%).

Only 22 singles said they responded sarcastically or angrily. Perhaps this is how they stop those love-related questions from coming in. However, these replies must certainly damper the festive mood.

CNY_Survey_Result - Copy (2)

Friends and family members are most interested in these singles’ love lives. This is understandable, as they care about the happiness of their loved ones. However, only 12% of those surveyed said they would depend on their friends or family to introduce a special someone to them.

In a startling twist, while many Asian singles complain about receiving these questions, many of our survey-takers said they didn’t mind being asked about their love lives (64%). A significant 36% still wished that their families would stop talking about their love lives, however…

Much to our surprise, 152 surveyed singles still said they won’t be doing anything special to find love in the Year of the Rooster.

CNY_Survey_Result - Copy (3)

At the Lunch Actually Group, with almost 13 years in the dating industry business, we know for sure that for the majority of those who find love are those who make the effort to find it. We’re delighted to learn that the rest surveyed said they would be relying on dating apps, dating companies, or going to singles events in hopes of finding The Right One.

Finding real, genuine love is similar to trying to get into a good school, or trying to get a good job. You will have to study hard to go to an excellent school. Similarly you also have to upgrade your skills to get great employment.

For love, you will also have to put in a great amount of effort to really attract the greatest love of all – the love that will stay with you for life.

Of course, you will not have to do this alone. Remember, the Lunch Actually Group is always ready to help you find the genuine love that you truly deserve. In the Year of the Rooster, the Lunch Actually Group wishes all Gong Xi Fa Cai, and may you find the love of your life this year. Happy dating!

Stop the questioning, and find love in the Year of the Rooster now. Living in Singapore? Click here to meet eligible singles in the Lion City! Living in Malaysia? Click here for attractive singles in KL and Penang!

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