Malaysian Influencers’ Favourite 25 Xmas Songs To Add To Your Playlist Now

With only a few more days to Xmas, we thought we’d get you into the mood by sharing the favourite Xmas songs of some of our Malaysian influencers. Perhaps this might even help with setting that playlist for your Xmas party, too!

1. “Last Christmas” by Taylor Swift

“Because I’m simply a die-hard fan of Taylor!” says Tiffany Chew (@purpletiff), Malaysian beauty and travel blogger on

 photo 1purpletiff_zpsgor3rpo4.jpg


2. “First of May” by Olivia Ong

“I love the lyrics for First of May, it’s simple and sweet. I grew up listening to the Bee Gees version, so when my favourite jazz singer Olivia Ong sang her version, I fell in love with that,” says Sharon Yong (@yong.sharon), freelance beauty blogger.

 photo 2 yong.sharon_zpskefhr2fi.jpg


3. “Santa Baby” by Ariana Grande

Meet Natalie Saw (@natsaw), doting “nanny” to three influencers; namely Jane Lau (@janechuck), Ashley Lau (@ash_lsl), and Daphne (@daphnecharice) loves her some Ariana Grande for Christmas. “The song is fun and sexy, which is how I like my Christmas,” she says.

 photo 3 natsaw_zpsvgrmbkno.jpg


4. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” by Johnny Mathis

Go to Hanie Hidayah (@haniehyd) for some beauty enabling, because that’s her specialty, other than her video production works at @whatevertherewas. She loves this Christmas song because, “I am mostly influenced by movies, so this song reminds me of Home Alone, which is a movie that I love.”

 photo 4 haniehyd_zps7fmb2pzy.jpg


5. “If Everyday Was Christmas” by Cruz Beckham

Instagram and YouTube self-proclaimed “content creating addict” Lumi (@lovelumi) loves this cute version by the young Beckham because, “Gifts all year round sounds good to me!”

 photo 5. lovelumi_zpscj7tf7n2.jpg


6. “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande

Blogger, social media influencer, and DJ extraordinaire Jane Lau (@janechuck) loves her some Ariana Grande as well, because “Ariana Grande’s voice makes Christmas feels extra sexy!”

 photo 6. janechuck_zpsr5pn84la.jpg


7. “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay

Lowkey songstress and outfit aesthetique Amanda Lew (@amandalovexm) enjoys some Coldplay for Christmas, because, “They embody the peaceful and calm Christmas we all wish to have.”

 photo 7. amandalovexm_zps9m9y2toy.jpg


8. “Christmas Song” by Back Number

Blogger, model, and self-proclaimed fickle-minded Gemini, Reiko Ong’s (@reiko67) favourite Christmas song is in fact, called that. The Japanese number brings to mind a “sense of warm, tingly feeling” whenever she listens to it. “It was also the OST for a Japanese drama, From 5 To 9.”

 photo 8. reiko67_zpsr6h4jpin.jpg


9. “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber

“Christmas falls in my favourite month and is my favourite festival of the year! I love this song because it has a lovely ambiance. I can imagine it playing at the right moment with the right person, and it is beautiful,” says Emily Yin (@yinemily), wedding and event designer, and part-time model.

 photo 9. yinemily_zpsugiykxf1.jpg


10. “Feliz Navidad” by Michael Buble and Thalia

Blogger at and mother of two under two, Audrey Ooi (@fourfeetnine) loves this modern take of the classic Christmas song, because, “It’s so bouncy and happy, and their voices blend so beautifully together.”

 photo 10. fourfeetnine_zpsqfm4pklu.jpg


11. “White Christmas” by Enrico Monte

“I enjoy Christmas melodies played by orchestral musicians a lot,” says full time dancer, choreographer, and part-time model Amy Loh (@lovelywhitebone). “It’s beautiful how they can make you feel so overwhelmed with emotions without using any form of lyrics…and it brings such joy when I reminisce about all my Christmas memories.”

 photo 11. lovelywhitebone_zpslhecibdo.jpg


12. “Santa Baby” by Kylie Minogue

“Actually, I love all kinds of Christmas songs but I chose this because of the cute and sexy lyrics. Also, I like the one where the Victoria’s Secret angels are inside the video!” says Bobo (@bobostephanie), blogger at, where she documents her travels and fitness journey.

 photo 12. bobostephanie_zpsyo0nsjjg.jpg


13. “Last Christmas” by Wham!

Social media influencer and self-proclaimed traveller and food explorer Mia Chai (@miamnm) loves this classic because, “I first heard it at an event where a handsome guy was singing the acoustic version of this song. I fell in love immediately – with the song, not the guy!” laughs Mia.

 photo 13. miamnm_zpsfzp2khpp.jpg


14. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Michael Buble

“Because all I want for my Christmas is someone I love – whether it’s family or a loved one who can join me for a lovely Christmas dinner!” beams Chanwon (@chanwon92), a travel, beauty, and lifestyle blogger.

 photo 14. chanwon92_zpsdekrkgpe.jpg


15. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Judy Garland


Lee Ming (@leeeeming), who blogs, and bakes at loves this classic number written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. “This is what Christmas is all about! It’s about love, family, and children. It doesn’t matter what presents we get as long as the holidays are spent with the loved ones,” she says.

 photo 15. leeeeming_zpsyu9lzdls.jpg


16. “Jingle Bells” by Dean Martin

“I like it cause it’s a classic and everyone knows how to sing to it!” laughs art director, illustrator, and blogger Chee Ching (@cheechingy).

 photo cheechingy_zpstrkkdnw9.jpg


17. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Dean Martin

Sheena Liam (@sheenaliam), winner of the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 and model extraordinaire loves this oldie. “It’s just cute and cheeky. I’ve always wanted to duet with someone but could never find someone who could get the timing right… or I really can’t sing at all,” she muses.

 photo 17. sheenaliam_zpsabeqetub.jpg


18. “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt

“Something about this song gives off a very alluring, seductive, and chill Christmas vibe,” muses Jo-Ann (@joannwithadash), co-founder of @shopwildcreature and stylish Chinese-Kenyah.

 photo 18. joannwithadash_zpspom7jo2u.jpg


19. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

Social media influencer, blogger, barista, pastry chef, and part-time vocalist Daphne (@daphnecharice) loves her some good old Mariah Carey for Christmas – because don’t we all. “It’s the best Christmas song that’s ever been made, in my opinion,” she says.

“It’s well-known, it’s catchy, gets the mood pumping, and gets the Christmas spirit going. The lyrics are relevant too. We all celebrate Christmas with our loved ones.”

 photo 19. daphnecharice_zpsnsacopnq.jpg


20. “Born Is The King (It’s Christmas Time)” by Hillsong Worship

Actress, singer, and entertainer Emily Kong (@emilykcl) loves this gospel number. “‘Doo doo doo doo…’ I love how catchy the song is, it makes me so happy and puts me in a great mood!” she says.

“I recently listened to it in a church service, and I couldn’t help but whistle and dance along – my feet just wouldn’t stop!

Christmas is indeed all about celebrating the birth of a King – Jesus, and this song says it all.”

 photo 20emilykong_zpswuim5cnl.png


21. “White Christmas” by Human Nature

Like the rest of us in the South East Asia, beauty YouTuber extraordinaire Emily Quak (@emilyquak) wants a white Christmas too – so add it into your playlist. “It’s both chill and upbeat at the same time – the perfect combo for a Christmas song,” she says.

“Plus, the way Human Nature sings it is just so smooth!”

 photo 21. emilyquak_zpscosdnddv.jpg


22. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Michael Buble

Fashion blogger and creative director of, Cherrie Mun(@cherriemun_) loves this version of the song because, “This is the best version of this song and I love this song so much.”

 photo 22. cherriemun__zpsy9b8kx3p.jpg


23. “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms

Sue-Ann (@cheongsueann) is – you guessed it – Jo-Ann’s twin, which also makes her the other co-founder of @shopwildcreature. She loves this song because, “It’s a classic! It reminds me of my two favourite movies, Mean Girls and Home Alone. That itself puts me in a really good mood.”

 photo 23. cheongsueann_zpslhmlkyzv.jpg


24. “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Michael Buble

“It’s just one of my favourites. Honestly, I can’t choose! I love all Christmas songs!” says illustrator Estee, or known by her online moniker @msbulat. Can’t say we disagree with her!

 photo msbulat_zpsdjk0j6z4.jpg


25. “White Christmas” by Michael Buble

It appears that Michael Buble is a firm favourite for Christmas songs, and Yen Fong (@tabiyo_yf) of Tabiyo Shop agrees too! The hobbyist and stationery shop owner loves this rendition because, “We all need a sexy voice to celebrate Christmas with!”

 photo tabiyo_yf_zps21jrjvzj.jpg


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